Horse Rug Washing & Reproofing Services

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Rug Washing

  • At Rug Angels we use large load industrial washing machines programmed specifically for different types of horse rugs, ensuring optimium cleaning results.

  • The products we use are sensitive to your horse's skin, yet able to lift out ingrained dirt at low temperatures without leaving any residues and they are environmentally friendly.

  • We use anti-bacterial solutions to ensure that any traces of infection are removed, minimising any risk of cross contamination or re-contamination.

  • Our cleaning process helps maintain your horse rug's breathability, prolonging it's life expectancy and performance.

Clean horse rugs

Rug Re-proofing

  • The horse rug re-proofing process takes place in our machines to ensure that the outer, inner padding and the lining are all treated accordingly.

  • Re-proofing adds water-repellancy whilst maintaining the breathability and insulation of your rug, perfect for keeping your horse warm and dry.

  • We use specially formulated industrial strength reproofing products to ensure maximum weather durability


  • In order to maintain the shape and avoide any shrinkage we always air-dry rugs using our specialist drying room.



Rug Angels Horse Rug Laundry is based near Liphook and Liss, close to the Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex border. Please contact us to arrange collection or to discuss your cleaning needs either by email to or call 07734 315349.


Rug repairs available, please ask for a quote.



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